What are you wearing?

I’m wearing these cool capri pants with all the flowers and skulls on them!

Flowery pants with skulls!

Flowery pants with skulls!

Can you tell I added the skulls? I wanted something in keeping with the skeleton art to wear to the Addams Family Musical at the Limelight tomorrow night but I just couldn’t find anything appropriate. You’d think Goodwill would have the Halloween stuff front and center this time of year, but nope. So I found this pair of flowery pants and took a fabric paint marker to them. Perfect-o!

Today’s pastel is called “Time to Go,” and it’s a couple heading back to the parking lot after an afternoon on the beach. Their eyes are trained on the ground just in case they spot one more shark tooth along the way. You never can tell.

couple holding hands on the beach

“Time to Go” 10×8″ pastel on gessoed mat board by Marie Marfia ©2014

Finally, here are pics of the other two artists’ work being featured during the Addams Family Musical, September 19-October 19, 2014. The acrylic paintings are by Amy Gregory and the dolls are by Kristina Fogle. Come check them out. If you need more encouragement, twenty-five percent of all art sales during the show go to the Limelight Theatre and that’s a good cause.

Acrylic paintings by Amy

Acrylic paintings by Amy Gregory at the Limelight Theatre in St. Augustine, Florida.

Acrylic paintings by Amy

Acrylic paintings by Amy Gregory at the Limelight Theatre in St. Augustine, Florida.

Dolls by Kristina Fogel.

Dolls by Kristina Fogel at the Limelight Theatre in St. Augustine, Florida.



Saw a pair of little boys playing in the surf last Sunday. One was digging and the other was piling the sand on top of his head, giggling.

boy playing in the surf in pastel

Digging, 8×10″ pastel on gessoed mat board by Marie Marfia ©2014

Good news! I have listed a bunch of stuff from my upcoming show at the Limelight in my etsy shop. You can buy greeting cards and 8×10″ prints there. I am going to get the Wave Posters up later today, too, so keep checking back.

3 Waves

Almost didn’t get to this today, and that would have been tragic. I should be doing the pastels first! I get distracted sometimes and forget. But then I think, “Well, I’ve got a half hour. What can I do in a half hour?” Often I end up spending more time than that but it’s a good way to at least get started on something.

I’ve also posted 5×7″ greeting cards on my etsy shop. All the skellies from the show coming up plus all my dancing skellies. Check it out. Tomorrow I’ll list 8×10″ prints. And then, I promise, I’ll get the Wave posters on there, too.

pastel painting of clouds and surf

“3 Waves” by Marie Marfia, 10×8″ pastel on gessoed mat board, ©2014

On the beach

This is my brother and his wife, wading in the surf.

I was so happy to see them this weekend. We had a great time sightseeing and talking and laughing together. My sister was here, too. What a great family I have and how lucky it is we can get together so often.



Yay! My sister Mary and I went down St. Augustine today to hang all the skellies I've been working on for the past month at the Limelight Theatre and who do you think I saw? That's right, my brother Joe and his wife, Anna! They came all the way from Michigan to surprise me! And, bonus! They bought the “Pull My Finger,” pastel painting too! So life is pretty perfect right now, don't you think? Me, too.



La la la

I have sent in my print order for postcards and greeting cards. Soon, I’ll be able to sit back and relax and think about what I got accomplished. Man, what a lot of work! I’m proud of myself for getting it all done. And I’m making a mental note that the months of August and September are the best time of the year for me to do something like this, if I were asked to do it again. I haven’t been fielding many requests for graphic design work (it’s a slow time of the year), so there’s been lots of time for pastels.

Here’s the final for I Can See My Crypt From Here:

skellies on the St. Augustine lighthouse

I Can See My Crypt From Here, 11×14 pastel on paper by Marie Marfia, ©2014

and also a video that shows my process for putting a frame on one of these babies. I’ll take a picture of the show once it’s up and post that at a later date.

Hope you can come out to see them live and in person and enjoy The Addams Family Musical at the Limelight Theatre in St. Augustine, September 19-October 19, 2014. I’ll be going September 19, with my lovely husband, Steve. Planning to make a dress for the occasion, something with skeletons on it, of course!

Ten down

This is taking a little longer than I thought.

Yesterday I got up early so I could start framing these paintings for the show at the Limelight. I'm supposed to have them at the theatre by 9am on Friday, September 12. No problem, I think. This'll be a snap.

Then I get the first pastel inside the first frame and realize that the acrylic protector sheets that I meant to use instead of glass fronts (cheap, lightweight, included with the metal frames), have this staticky property to them, so that when you wipe them a ghosted image of your pastel immediately appears on the inside of the plastic, just like magic. Clearly this is not going to work. I'll have to use glass fronts.

Only one problem. Where am I going to get 20 pieces of glass cut to size on a Sunday?

I called Michael's, which has a frame shop, and which is open on a Sunday, but the price they quoted, which included UV coated glass and them doing all the assembly, literally made my jaw drop. See, I haven't sold anything yet. I can't afford to spend the rent payment on glass for these paintings. However, the man on the phone helpfully suggested Lowe's as an alternative. They cut glass and they're also open on Sundays.

Problem with Lowe's is, they don't answer the phone. And Home Depot doesn't cut glass, I checked.

So who else was there? Ace Hardware, of course! The sweet people at Hagan's on San Jose Boulevard actually answer the phone when you call, cut all my glass for me by 2 in the afternoon, and the cost was very reasonable! The glass cutter man even included a few extra pieces, “just in case you break one.” They're my new favorite store.

So I did most of the smaller, 11×14″ paintings yesterday afternoon, in between watching the U.S. Open and football, and today I hope to finish up the 16×20″s. Then I have the lighthouse painting to apply final touches to (I Can See My Crypt From Here) and finally figure out which of these paintings should be made into cards and postcards to sell at the show and on etsy.

If you've got any favorites, now's the time to tell me. I'll post the final scans in the gallery tonight so you can see what there is to choose from.